Activities and Leisue

Activities at Sacré Coeur

Activities at Sacré Coeur

Activities and Leisure Services at Sacré Coeur

Activities and Leisure Services

Sacré Coeur Nursing Home provide a fulfilling lifestyle for our residents. With a dedicated in-house activities coordinator, we ensure that there’s always something exciting happening. Our residents can engage in the Sonas Programme and the PAL exercise program to stimulate their mental and physical well-being. We celebrate birthdays and special events, making sure every resident feels cherished.

Newspapers are delivered daily and our garden parties and reminiscence events provide opportunities for nostalgia and connection. Additionally, we host visits from local musical groups and school students, fostering a sense of community.

At Sacré Coeur, we understand that a rich and active social life contributes to the overall well-being of our residents, and we are dedicated to offering a wide range of activities to enhance their quality of life.